i came to the lake and maybe i shOuldn’t have but anyway here i am

hey hey hye guess who’s a piece of shitttt human being tell me you like me and that im strong or something

#dysphoria cw

tragedy. i suddenly feel like i have too much boob but have already left the apartment

idk more info abt last night bc i feel like talking about it

#negative cw #suicide cw #draowning cw

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#suicide cw #negative 

im ok now and dont feel obligated to read but if you do like / acknowledge

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If someone describes you as “X trapped in Y’s body” pause for a moment, look at them, puzzled, and then reply, “No, you misunderstand, I’m not trapped in this meatsuit, I’m possessing it.”






how do people survive as vegans

what do you do

eating out must be awful

We are superhuman

eating out is very enjoyable and a source of vitamin b12.

Eat out a vegan today

i regret this


if you don’t support mentally ill people who refuse to be medicated, then you don’t support mentally ill people, you just support the “good ones”